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I will be happy to personally deliver your windmill and save you shipping charges and go over any questions you may have.

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I understand that most people have never purchased a windmill before and windmills can last 75 years, so you want the perfect windmill for your project. Feel free to call or email so I can help you select the ideal windmill and tower.

Here are some neat photos that my clients sent of our windmill projects: (You can click on any photo on my website to enlarge or share.) I hope to add your new windmill photos soon!

Here are a few photos and some words about my windmills for sale:

New 8 Foot Windmill and 27 Foot Tower

The most common windmill and tower you will see all over the country is the classic 8 foot wheel on a 27 foot tower.

This windmill is a clone of the Aermotor windmill made from 1933 on and is still the most popular windmill we sell today.

We have everything you need from the red platform to the galvanized anchors. Everything is new and fits together easily.

Of course, new windmills are covered by a 10 year parts warranty by the manufacturer.

The assembly manual gives step by step instructions for the windmill and tower plus you can always call me with questions.

New 10 Foot Windmill and 33 Foot Tower

As you can see by comparing the photo above of me standing on a 27 foot tower with an 8 foot windmill to the photo of me on a 33 foot tower with a 10 foot windmill, the 10 foot windmill is much bigger.

We also typically use the 33 foot tower for the heavier 10 foot windmill to provide a stable installation.

If you have a deep well or want a large volume of water or just want to make a statement, the 10 foot windmill is an impressive windmill for the job.

The 8 Foot Windmill and 21 Foot Tower is Back!

For a great looking combination of a windmill and tower that is easy on your pocket book, I would encourage you to check out the standard 8 foot windmill and the 21 foot wide spread tower. (We call the tower a wide spread, but it is only 6 foot from leg to leg.)

The 21 foot tower brings the windmill a little lower to the ground and that makes the windmill look a little larger. Also, the slight flare of the tower legs just below the platform makes this a very stable tower. It has one less set of cross braces and is more economical in the use of steel, so it costs less to make and yet it still meets the wind and seismic requirements of the California building code.

Make sure you head over to our Windmill Size Page for more information and photos about all the different sizes of windmills and tower.

A few years ago, we helped the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County with an 8 foot windmill and 21 foot tower.

We try to remember that a windmill will be standing long after all of us who installed it have passed from this earth, so we honored that moment with a few photos and we asked everyone present to autograph the inside of the bonnet.

8 Foot Windmill  $3,500
8 Foot Windmill with Tower Interface $4,500
8 Foot Windmill & 21 Foot Tower $6,000
8 Foot Windmill & 27 Foot Tower $6,500
10 Foot Windmill $4,850
10 Foot Windmill with Tower Interface $6,000
10 Foot Windmill & 33 Foot Tower $10,000
Tower Anchor Kit $600
*All items sold as kits. Like all small businesses, we are having a hard time with supply. Please call to verify stock.  

Here are a few fun photos:

Thanks to the wonderful work crew and exceptional museum volunteers and staff for a great job! If you visit Santa Rosa, CA make sure you drive by and check out the windmill at the Children’s Museum. It is near the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Redwood Ice Arena on Steele Lane.

A “New / Old” Eight Foot Windmill for sale

The customer is always right is a great saying, but with windmills I like to say, “An educated customer is always right.”

A lot of people want an “old” windmill, but after shopping around they find that most old windmills have been damaged from years of abuse and neglect. A lot of old windmills are close to structural failure or cost too much to repair. Some people want an old windmill or a windmill that is nonmoving. They say they want to put up a windmill “just for looks.” To me, having a windmill that doesn’t spin is like building a swimming pool and not putting any water in it, but more importantly, a windmill must be free to turn to seek relief from wind pressure! A fixed windmill will fail; it is not a question of if it will fail, only when it will fail.  Read more about windmill failures here.

So, if you are looking for an old windmill, but a safe windmill and one that will spin, here it is:

We start with a brand-new motor and new wheel arms (spokes) and all new furling mechanisms.

We then carefully match up a set of original Chicago Aermotor blades and a good-looking tail.

We bake on a rusty red paint and even add some fake oil streaks to make it look old.

Then it goes on the test stand and we balance it out.

Whether you are looking for a windmill for a movie set or a museum, this is a one of a kind fully assembled eight-foot windmill that looks great and runs true!

If you are interested in a windmill like this, call me at 707-529-3539.

Six Foot Windmill

Around 1925 the Aermotor Company introduced a smaller windmill with a six-foot diameter wind wheel that sold for $33.50.  Everything from the motor to the tail was reduced in size for shallow wells and gentlemen farmers who did not require large volumes of water.

Once in a while, we have a 6 footer for sale. They are very hard to find.

Used Windmills, Buyer Beware!

A questionable windmill on the ground is a dangerous windmill when it is on a tower!

I’ve heard this a bunch of times, “The guy told us that the windmill was spinning when he took it down so we paid cash and brought the windmill home. Now it’s making a bad noise!” That is the same guy who told me that the GMC truck in the photo was running when he parked it. It might be true but I wouldn’t want to run that truck down the road. Would you?

Know who you are buying from and what you are getting!

You can get to know me better by reading about me on our About Me page or giving me a call on the phone at 707-529-3539.


Tail Art

We can provide you with a blank tail or work with you for your own custom art work on the tail vane at your direction.

Windmills for Sale in Texas

We now have windmills for sale in Texas. We have been talking about this for some time and we are starting 2020 by stocking windmills in Texas. To help our Texas friends, you can visit the new Texas Windmills website after you are done wandering around here.

Water Pumps and More & A Word About Delivery

From brass pumps to fiberglass pump rod, we have everything in stock for your windmill job.

Robin and I prefer to deliver each windmill to you personally. We enjoy seeing new places and meeting wonderful people. It also allows us to spend time going over the windmill and making sure you are comfortable with your new windmill. We travel a great deal, so who knows, we might be passing right by you soon!

Feel free to call me at (707) 529-3539 (weekends are okay) with your questions, or to arrange a visit to look over a few windmills.

Thanks, Kevin and Robin

Get to know us better by reading the about page on Rock Ridge Windmills

What to know more about windmills sizes? You can see photos and read more here.

P.S. Remember that nothing says I love you like the gift of a windmill.

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