Amish Steel Windmill Towers

Amish made Windmill Towers

Our steel towers are built by a third generation Amish windmill tower maker.  Yes, Robin and I go all the way to Lancaster County, PA to bring home our towers. The towers are straight and true and fit together perfectly.

It is a long way to go but we enjoy visiting our friends in the Amish community, and we supply the area with windmills each year when we visit.  Plus, it is it fun to stop to take windmill photos like the 70 foot tall windmill tower at a cemetery in rural Pennsylvania, (bottom of this page.)  Of course we stop and deliver windmills and towers along the way on our trip.

These are the same towers that Aermotor made 75 years ago. Be sure to take a good look of the photo of Kevin in the tower shop with the belt driven press and drills. (Our tower makers are old order Amish and we respect that they do not wish to be in any photos.)

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The Notch at the Top

Our towers use the interlocking or “notched top” tower top that locks the tower legs together together. It requires extra effort but it has proven itself over time to be incredibly strong.

The angle iron and rods that form the cross bracing are flattened and twisted to overlap and connect perfectly each time. We include a great how to manual with photos as wells as detailed diagrams. We also included some of Kevin’s tips and tricks on how to build your tower.

Hot Dipped Galvanized

All the cutting, pressing and punching is performed before the metal is sent for hot dipped galvanizing to avoid rust streaks and premature failure.

Complete Tower

The wood platform is included with the tower. We also include the loop steps or “ladder loops” that are attached to the tower leg.

Standard Size Towers

The standard metal towers matched with windmills are:

6 and 8 foot windmills on a 21, 27 or 33 foot tall metal tower. The 10 and 12 foot windmills are on 33 foot tall tower. We also make a special 14 foot tall tower for the 6 and 8 foot windmills, and you can special order taller towers.

Tower Base

The 21 foot wide spread tower is 6 foot leg to leg. The 27 foot tower is 5 foot 7 inches and the 33 foot tower is 7 foot 11 inches. The 33 foot tower for the 12 foot windmill is 8 foot 5 inches leg to leg.

You can see a lot of photos on our Windmill and Tower Size page.

We also have short tower tops so you can build your own wood or steel tower. The stub tower allows you to get the right angles and firmly anchors the mast pipe to the windmill. See more about Wood Towers here.

Custom Towers

We can supply windmills and towers for cellular telephone sites, as well as work with special requirements and artists for special projects like these interesting projects.

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