Windmill Tail Art

Add Your Name, Icon or Brand on Your New Windmill

Please take a few moments to look at some of the sample windmill tail art on this page and let us know what you would like on your new windmill. Our artist will help with the design and email you a proof for your review and approval or we can supply a blank tail if you would like to do your own artwork.

Windmill Tail Lettering

Water pumping windmill manufacturers have always proudly displayed the businesses name and many times the model name or a catchy phrase on the windmill tail vane. Windmill model names like the, “GEM Windmill,” “Cyclone Windmill” and “Star Zephyr Windmill,” became more recognizable than the manufacturers name. Local wholesalers also added their names to the tail vanes. Names like, “Woodin and Little Windmill” and “Pacific Pump and Hardware,” were added by the local agents.

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Custom Windmill Tail Art

In a stroke of marketing genius, a catalog agent advertised that if you bought the windmill directly from them, they would add your name or cattle brand to the tail. It was a major success and a handy benefit to the working cowboys and pioneer traveler as they journeyed across the wide open western plains.

A Windmill Tail Was a Cowboy GPS

My dad who was born in the Oklahoma prairies once said that the ground there was as flat as a pancake. My grandfather said the ground was even flatter, he would say it was flat as day old beer. You could get lost in a sea of grass until you stood on the back of your horse and saw or heard a windmill. You would then ride to the windmill and look for the ranch name or cattle brand on the tail to know your location.

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