Old Farm Windmills

Welcome to the Home of Recovered Farm Windmills

And yes, We Have Old Farm Windmills for Sale

I assisted a family of a windmill collector who passed away. It was an emotional experience for all of us but the family needed to take a big step and remove the windmill parts that had been stored for a long time.

We rounded up a lot of help and brought home original Chicago Aermotor Windmills. As you can see from the photos, we found a lot of great stuff.

Combined with what I had on hand, this is most likely the best collection of original Chicago Aermotor Windmills you will find for sale in the west! We have original Chicago Aermotor Windmill wheels and tails, and of course we have new windmills also.

Mix and Match Aermotor Windmills

Do you want a new motor but an old Chicago Aermotor Windmill tail and blades? No trouble with that. You are more than welcome to come by and pick a tail or a set of blades and we will build you a working farm windmill with all new motor and linkage using original blades and an old farm windmill tail vane.

We Offer Two Types of Windmills:

New / Old Windmill (Click on photos to enlarge or share)

We have a direct copy of the original 702 windmill made by Aermotor from 1933. Our windmill includes the same hot dipped galvanized wheel that will fit the Aermotor windmill made from the 1890’s. It is all new and comes in a kit that is easy to put together. Match it up with our steel or wood tower and you have a great windmill that comes with a 10 year parts warranty.

The new hot dipped galvanizing will get a nice patina quickly, or if you are in a hurry you can age it a little yourself with a little effort using off the shelf materials like Jim did with this New / Old Windmill.

Historical Windmills

We also can match up an original wheel and tail with all new running gear. We balance it all out and keep it on our test stand until we get it perfect. Each historic windmill is a labor of love and each old farm windmill has a slightly different look from bullet hole to rust stains.

Please note that we only offer historical windmills fully assembled. We cannot take them apart after they are balanced and they have been well tested.

It takes about 4 or 5 old windmills to get a useable set of blades and tail. And, it is hard for me to keep the website updated so call to see what we have in stock. (I can text or email you photos of our latest artifact windmills.)

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