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Windmill FAQ's

A New or Old Windmill?

by Kevin Moore

A New Aermotor Windmill

A New Old Windmill

Why get a New farm windmill?

It is ready to pump water or you can put it up for fun and let it spin, knowing that it will run smooth and quiet. Every part of this windmill and tower are brand new! No paint can overhaul or long rebuilding projects and part searching required when you get a “New Old” windmill.

What do I get with a new windmill?

-Complete water-pumping windmill. -Galvanized steel towers. -Four galvanized steel anchors that go in the ground. -The furl lever that attaches to the tower to set the windmill brake. -All the nuts and bolts. -Windmill oil. -Complete step by step instructions on how to assemble the windmill.

What else do I need?

The underground stuff, well pipe, well rod and pump cylinder are not included.

Can you make a new windmill and tower look like an old windmill?

You bet! The tail vane is labeled Windmill 702; you can easily remove the lettering paint and stencil the tail however you wish. Some people wash the galvanizing with chemicals to take the shine off. Others spot paint the metal to look old.

Is this an Air Motor or Aermotor?

This a clone of the original Chicago Aermotor windmills. It is 99% compatible with the original Aermotor Model 702 but it is NOT made by Aermotor USA. The tower is a duplicate of the Aermotor tower but was made in the USA.

Can I make power with a farm windmill?

The Farm Style windmill is for pumping water. It is NOT used for generating electrical power.

Can I put this together?

It comes with step by step instructions on how to assemble the windmill. Everything is disassembled but if you have a few simple tools and a little bit of mechanical know-how, it is very simple. If you wish, I can put it together for a fee.

What do I need to support the tower?

You need to dig four holes for the leg anchors. Depending on the soil type and wind speed, the legs should be about 3 to 4 feet deep. Most holes are 12 inches round and you back-fill the holes with bags of concrete mix.

What about shipping?

You can pick up your windmill in Cloverdale CA 95425, about 90 miles North of SF on Hwy 101. Or, I will personally deliver it to you for a fee. Email for a quote on shipping if it needs to be delivered.

Do I need a truck to take a windmill home?

Everything is disassembled so it’s easy to haul, but if you pick it up in Cloverdale, remember, the tower legs are just less than 14 feet long so make sure you can haul the legs home.

I want an old Aermotor Windmill. Do you sell them?

As a general rule, I do not. I sell new farm style windmills that are 99 percent compatible with the old 702 Aermotor.

Why don’t you sell old windmills?

I will do historic windmills projects (metal or wooden blades) but why would you want a 50-year-old windmill that has been abused when you can get a new one that is the same windmill? Most old windmills are out of round and out of balance. Can you imagine driving down the road in a 50-year-old car with a wheel that is out of balance?

I see old windmills that look like they just need a little work. Can you fix them?

I think this is a great tribute to the old mills. That is why our new windmills are made just like the old ones. Even if the outside of an old windmill looks good, take a guess at what the inside looks like! The Babbitt bearings are most likely shot from dirty oil, the wrong oil or more likely, no oil.